[SPF_live005] spiel​:​feld´s live operation with .​.​. Kraut Sounds ● live operation II

by Kraut Sounds

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[SPF_live005] spiel:feld´s live operation with ... Kraut Sounds ● live operation II

★ used equipment:
Roland SH 101
Yamaha SU10 (for treated piano samples)
Korg Poly-800
Korg iMS20
Korg Electribe
Korg PME40X
Various additional analogue and digital effects
Field noise generator
Electric guitar
Tascam Portastudio 424 MK II (as pre-mixing unit)
Cubase Elements 6

★ tracklist:
1. Archae
2. Sleep Mode
3. Coral Patches
4. Baia
5. Amethyst Sky
6. Amethyst Dub
7. SB Dub
8. Telos

"Kraut Sounds" was born and raised in Munich, now living in the countryside near the Alps. Formerly playing in bands, DJing and writing, since spring 2012 doing Kraut Sounds.


★ about this session:
There’s always a beginning and an end. In life, in music, in art, in everything. Nothing stays the same (forever), change is a constant if you believe in changes…. Archae and telos. And a long journey in between.

This live session was originally intended as a cosmic ambient soundtrack for an exhibition. Macro vs. micro. But things change. Same does the music. Introducing minimal beats, adding a certain old-school kraut electronic vein, lots of dub effects and special sound treatments for piano and electric guitar. Provoking a different and probably more structured view.

Everything was done at some sunny days mid of December 2013 when winter was supposed to be summer vice versa.

Blueprints of some tracks, additional reshaped tunes, remixes and shadows of single sounds will appear on a forthcoming digital and limited physical CDR release called “A to T (Ambient Works)”.
Thanks for listening!


released March 8, 2014



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